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Large Freedom Box designed for Afghanistan

Large Freedom Box
Designed for U.S. Soldiers serving in Afghanistan
Price: $59.95 (USD)
Shipping: Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery
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Item Description:
This gift box is filled with approved snack foods, candies, personal care items and an international phone card that are in accordance with strict military mailing guidelines. Also enclosed is a personal note of encouragement from someone in the community as well as your personal greeting as you have indicated on the order form.

Item Contents:
Your loved one will enjoy our gift box designed especially for them!  It will include even more U.S. Military and Customs approved items such as:
  • International phone card
  • Baseball cap
  • Personal care items
  • Favorite snack foods
  • Seasonal candies
  • A message of encouragement
  • Your personalized greeting!
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