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“The Freedom Fighter”

It’s nice to be remembered
when you’re so far away.
To realize you’re in our thoughts
on any given day.

You wonder how this can be true,
when we’ve never met before.
Well, it’s not really necessary
to personally shake your hand.
It’s enough for me to know you’re
in a strange and distant land.

You’re there so I can be here
and live my life without the fear
Of giving up my freedom,
and then I shed a tear.

Thank you for the risk you take
as each new day arrives,
And for the price you pay to
preserve so many, many lives.
Freedom is a precious thing that
sometimes makes my heart sing - or weep.

Another day and another way to
serve the land we love.
Another night and another fight to
survive and think of home…

The land of the free and
the home of the brave!

God bless you, soldier, and
come home soon!

- Nancy Tarpy

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